EU Directive condemning sites for propaganda it doesn't like, even when not prop?

Supposedly the UK won't be immune during the Brexit transition period from this rising "China-like" policing of the internet on the Nuthouse Continent. Depending on how shackled the UK allows itself to become in the course of negotiations, it could even be a prolonged menace in the extended future.

“It’s very hard to make these tools identifying content, because they can’t identify context, and so they make decisions that are likely to be bad,” says Jim Killock at the Open Rights Group, a UK digital rights campaign group. Users would risk having their content removed by overzealous bots. --Article 13: A guide

Internet Archive denies hosting 'terrorist' content: The Internet Archive has been hit with 550 "false" demands to remove "terrorist propaganda" from its servers in less than a week. The demands came via the Europol net monitoring unit and gave the site only one hour to comply. The Internet Archive said the demands wrongly accused it of hosting terror-related material. The website said the requests set a poor precedent ahead of new European rules governing removal of content. If the Archive does not comply with the notices, it risks its site getting added to lists which ISPs are required to block...

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Maybe it's good that the UK is leaving the EU, with it's rule by bureaucratic edict. Centralized and socialist-leaning government becoming fascist. Who'd have guessed it.

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