Arab anti-USA propaganda disguises itself as SJ rhetoric for millennials to spread

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EXCERPT: AJ+ is a viral social media outlet that produces videos that appear politically progressive. It is actually wholly owned by the government of Qatar, a repressive Sharia law regime. Qatar’s [...own...] oppressive positions on abortion, women’s rights and homosexuality make its viral videos painting America as being too conservative on these issues patently hypocritical.

U.S. millennials share the videos that seem to be using liberalism to cloak anti-American attacks. [...] Qatar ... also uses slaves and is highly restrictive about who can and can’t enter and leave the country. “This is sort of like France protesting that Pakistanis drink too much wine, to have Qatar protesting the West for things that are outright illegal in Qatar,” a researcher with the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America [...said...] (MORE)
You mean a source for progressive American self-hatred is actually foreigners that hate the same people they are both parroting and imbibing their propaganda?

Not really surprising, as the left is dumb enough to fall for it.

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