Vitamin D toxicity + Fecal transplants reduce autism symptoms

Vitamin D toxicity

EXCERPT: A 54-year-old man [...] showed increased levels of creatinine, suggesting kidney damage or malfunction,” said University of Toronto’s Dr. Bourne Auguste and co-authors ... Over 2.5 years, the patient, who did not have a history of bone loss or vitamin D deficiency, took 8-12 drops of vitamin D daily, totaling 8,000-12,000 IU. As a result, he had very high levels of calcium in the blood, which left him with significant kidney damage. ... The recommended daily allowance is 400-1,000 IU, with 800-2,000 IU recommended for adults at high-risk of osteoporosis and for older adults. “Our experience informs us that patients and clinicians should be better informed about the risks regarding the unfettered use of vitamin D,” the researchers concluded. (MORE)

Autism symptoms can be reduced 50% in children who received fecal transplants, study finds

SUMMARY POINTS: Researchers studied 18 children with autism who underwent fecal transplants. At the start of the study, 83 percent had 'severe' autism symptoms. Two years later, only 17 percent still had moderate to severe symptom. 44 percent of the children fell below the cut-off point for mild autism. Recent research suggests our gut bacteria, or 'microbiome', affect communication between brain cells and overall neurological health. Worldwide, interest is growing in the idea abnormal quantities of certain bugs may be responsible for triggering a variety of conditions. (MORE - details)

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