You will not freeze to death in space (fitness in harmful environments)


EXCERPT: . . . You might be tempted to think it's the coldness of the vacuum itself that will reap your soul. After all, your body is very warm, and space is very not, and the human body does not respond well to extreme temperature differences. But is it seconds, minutes, or hours until you turn into a meat popsicle? The answer might surprise you! Yes, space is very cold; nearly absolutely zero. But the question here isn't about temperature differences but how efficiently heat transfers our of your body. And in this case, the vacuum of space offers you a huge advantage. [...] The exact timing depends on a lot of factors, including body composition, skin color, if you had a big dinner before the surprise ejection event, what your heart rate is like, if you're in sunlight, and so on. And the answer comes out to anywhere from about a dozen hours (if you're unlucky) to never (if you're getting cooked by sunlight). In other words, freezing to death is the least of your concerns. (MORE - details)

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