Poll: 25% of Europeans think robots should be calling the shots, not politicians


INTRO: A January 2019 poll [...] has found considerable anxiety throughout Europe about the pace of automation and technological change, Quartz reported...

Approximately 70 percent of the 1,600 adults (from the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands) believed that “if they are not appropriately controlled, new technologies will cause more harm than good to society in the coming decade.” 67 percent also agreed that, alongside climate change, regulation of new technology is the “biggest challenge that the EU faces right now.” [...] About 68 percent also expressed concern that online socialization will begin to outpace in-person interactions between people, the poll found.

A minority of respondents, however, are more than ready for the robots to give up the pretense of serving man and just take over: 25 percent of Europeans said they would like an artificial intelligence to “make important decisions about the running of their country.” In some countries, this was even higher; those in Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the UK were all within one percent of 30 percent, while 43 percent of respondents in the Netherlands said yes as well.

The center’s executive director, Diego Rubio, wrote in a statement that “This mindset, which probably relates to the growing mistrust citizens feel towards governments and politicians, constitutes a significant questioning of the European model of representative democracy, since it challenges the very notion of popular sovereignty.”

MORE: https://gizmodo.com/poll-25-percent-of-e...1833454667
Time for a simulation? Not for any potential robot takeover but for the politicians.

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