Poll: "Four in ten Brits psychologically affected by Brexit"


EXCERPT: Four in ten Brits have felt angry, powerless or worried as the deadline approaches, according to a poll published on Friday. 43% of the people in the poll said they had felt powerless. 39% have felt angry, 38% have felt worried and 17% have felt high levels of stress over the last 12 months, according to the poll, which was requested by the Mental Health Association.

1,800 people took part. Around a quarter (26%) of those that took part said they have not been affected by Brexit, despite the high risk of a no-deal Brexit on the 29th of March. This scenario was a particular concern for economists. Brexit does not seem to have generated much enthusiasm: only 9% said they felt hopeful, 3% were happy about it and just 2% said they were feeling confident about the next steps in the process. “Our poll clearly shows that Brexit means the current politic situation is having an impact on the wellbeing of millions of people”, Mark Rowland, the director of the Mental Health Association, said in a press release. (MORE)
witness people power


now they know what they voted for they want to change their vote
now they realize who and of what type of people are running the country, they don't want them to be the only ones in charge.

just goes to show the need to educate yourself about basic economics if you want to have a democracy.
The poor dears. How far will this get? Feelings of anger, powerless & stressed out.. LIFE is hard. Am I supposed to think it won't be some day?

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