Grandma in UK told to leave country + Fleeing the US for Canada (asylum lifestyles)

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Grandmother whose entire family is settled in UK told to leave country

EXCERPT: . . . Susita Balasubranamiamm, 63, has been ordered to return to Sri Lanka, leaving behind all her children and grandchildren because the Home Office says her 71-year-old husband, who recently retired, no longer meets the required income threshold.

Her husband, Shanmugham, was granted refugee status by the Home Office in 1994 after fleeing persecution for being part of the Tamil ethnic group. Their four children joined him in the years that followed and were also given refugee status. Ms Balasubranamiamm joined them in 2014 on a spouse visa. The elderly couple has since been living with their 35-year-old son and his family, contributing to the household by preparing meals and caring for their grandchildren as is tradition in Tamil culture.

[...] Speaking to The Independent, Ms Balasubranamiamm, who has health problems, said: “I am not well. I feel I can’t go back. My whole family is here – my husband, children, and grandchildren. No one is there. I won’t have anyone there to take care of me there. ...

The Home Office said the couple would not face “very significant difficulties” continuing their family life together outside the UK in Sri Lanka, and that any infringement of their right to family life “would be justified and proportionate in the pursuit of maintaining effective immigration control”. The department said in the refusal letter that were Ms Balasubranamiamm claiming welfare benefits, she may be exempt from meeting the requirement.

The couple’s son, Mohanathas Balasubramaniam [...] said: “They are staying in my home and would remain here. They aren’t claiming any benefits. I would continue to look after them. I worry about them going to Sri Lanka with no family around when they are growing older.”


Asylum seekers using social media flee the US for Canada

SUMMARY POINTS: . . . 40,000 people intercepted while [unsuccessfully] illegally crossing the Canadian border in the last two years, according to Canadian government data ... Though America's immigration debate has largely revolved around the country's southern border, the US-Canada border has generated its own immigration controversy. In the last two years, migrants from around the world have been coming to a rural village in upstate New York for a chance to cross the border into Canada and seek asylum. INSIDER spoke to a number of migrants, some of whom said they'd learned of the crossing via social media or word-of-mouth. Many of them knew exactly what to do at the border, and how to handle the Canadian authorities who warn them not to cross illegally, because of the information they've learned in videos and news articles.

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