The Great Pyramid of North Dakota


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The explanation is almost as cool as it looks. It's the archaeological remains of a giant radar, supporting a now-defunct Cold War anti-ballistic missile system. The US started developing it in the late 1960's. Then the ABM treaty only allowed the US and Russia to have one ABM site each. Russia still operates theirs, near Moscow. The US located theirs near the edge of the US but right in the middle of North America. That suggests that the US intended to protect Canada too (and our vital supply of NHL hockey players). It was completed in 1975. Most of the facility is underground, including missile silos for the anti-ballistic interceptor missiles. (I think that the missiles themselves are long gone.)

The US is still working on anti-missile defenses, but with much better technology these days. The old Spartan and Sprint interceptor missiles this facility launched carried nuclear explosives since they were unlikely to be able to physically hit an incoming warhead. Their goal was just to get close.

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That reminds me of a strange story that MR might appreciate. When I was a kid, my father, who worked for the state at the time, told me about a time when he was called out in the middle of the night to clear cut a path for military personnel on Mount Konocti. He said that they weren’t allowed past a certain point. He was told that it was confidential. He never learned the real reason behind it. He said that some of the old timers thought that there was a military base or even perhaps a missile buried inside of Mount Konocti

There was a plane crash in the 70’s but that was largely forgotten until the fall of 2011, when the road sides were cleared for the opening of Mt. Konocti Regional Park, once again uncovering the aircraft. 

I met this guy at an estate sale a few years ago. He invited me to check out his shop. It was pretty cool. He collects airplane engines, and he did say that one of them was recovered from a World War II plane on Mount Konocti, but that doesn’t really add up.

I did find this crazy story, though, that was published in "Amazing Stories" in 1946. It’s completely nuts, but the funny thing is, is that it mentions a survey marker.

Quote:The Coast and Geodetic survey had a marker near my house in the front yard and even that was gone; who would want to take a concrete marker and carry it away?

It’s probably unrelated, but awhile back, a local sheriff told me about a time when he stop this strange man out in the middle of nowhere. It was near this location. He said that it was a military type van. The guy said that he worked for the government, and was recalibrating satellite markers, but it was pouring rain, and in the middle of the night. He said that one was in Hawaii, the Coati grade, and here in this location. I asked him if he had asked to see his government ID. He said that he didn’t because the story seemed legit. He said that the van was full of electronic devices, wall to wall, and that the guy even showed him where the marker was located, but it could have been a weird alien hunter.  Who knows?

Quote:In a 2004 study by the California Academy of Sciences, scientists reported, "From the early 1900s, residents began describing strange findings in caves near the top of Mount Konocti."

According to these stories — documented in the mid-twentieth century by local historian Henry Mauldin — those who crawled into the caves found they extended into horizontal tunnels that ended abruptly at a vertical shaft. Items dropped into the shaft were never heard to hit bottom. In corroborating accounts reported as recently as the 1950s, painted cans and marked sticks dropped into the shaft were found floating in Clear Lake days or weeks later. The report concludes that there is as much mythology surrounding the Clear Lake-Mt. Konocti tunnels as there is scientific data, both hard to explain.

Mt. Konocti also seems to be a magnet for UFOs, with dozens of reports of strange lights and objects hovering above or near the mountain. According to author Robert K. Newkirk, "Clear Lake has many underground caverns (leading under Mt. Konocti) that we know have no endings and others that run to San Francisco Bay." Many locals believe there is a connection between these mysterious caverns and the UFO activity in the area that has been going on for decades. 

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