Masculine featured people viewed better at their jobs than those with feminine looks


EXCERPT: Members of the public were asked to rate images on a range of criteria, with men scoring more highly for competence than women. Experts say their study highlights the prejudice ingrained in society that women face on a daily basis.

[...] Testosterone creates a square jaw, strong brow, thin lips and a broader nose. All of these are features are seen as assertive and markers of virility. More testosterone is directly correlated with perceived competence in men. However, the same trait in women created a view that they were 'inefficient'. High levels of testosterone lead to the ultra-masculine look of George Clooney or Idris Elba and less produces the softer look of Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt....

MORE (details):
"Again, the data suggested a gender bias in first impressions. As male faces increased in masculinity, so did their perceived competence.

For female faces this relationship only held up to a point - after which more masculine female faces were actually perceived as less competent."

And? More masculine traits tend to signal a more competitive nature, which often does drive people to a greater degree of competence or success. Less masculine men often do not inspire confidence because they often lack confidence themselves.

Similarly with women, a certain degree of hardness can signal strength, where too much would be a self-confidence killer because women are valued for their femininity where men are not.

Just means the sexes are inherently different and that traits of one sex in the other are not desired.

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