Planning for wildfire threats (DIY general template)


INTRO: On Nov. 8, the Camp Fire, which started that morning in rural Butte County, California, about 90 miles north of Sacramento, exploded. Within hours, it engulfed the small town of Paradise. As flames spread, harried evacuations choked busy streets with traffic, trapping people in their cars and homes. As of Wednesday, the official death count is 48 people, but with about 200 missing, that number is expected to rise.

The Camp Fire, which broke out on the same day as the massive fires in Southern California that have claimed two lives, is the latest disaster to test the preparedness of communities living on the edge of forests and shrubland. As climate change worsens drought conditions and ongoing fire suppression leaves behind fire-prone forests and chaparral, the threats to communities are only getting worse.

Communities are increasingly grappling with how to keep residents safe and get ready for fire season. While there are not always ways to prevent tragedies like the Camp Fire, preparation is essential. Here are five steps to take to protect yourself during a wildfire... (INCLUDED: Determine if You Live In a Fire-Prone Area; Get Ready Before the Fire Hits; Know Your Plan for Getting Out; As You Evacuate, Think of the First Responders; Prepare to Be Cut Off)


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