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Thanks for that picture of my radio. It was a tight fit, but with a bit of pushing, the power cord would fit in the rear and a sliding door would snap into place over it. That could account for the power cord not being visible in the picture you included.

I had been holding onto the station list, but I'm not sure if has survived and it didn't accidentally end up in the round bin. It was at my mom's house. It listed around 200 station call letters and transmitter frequencies.

I was raised Catholic and that meant things tended to be more formal without alter calls to get saved. There was the practice of going to confession so that it wouldn't be a mortal sin to receive holy communion. A mortal sin not getting forgiven was grounds for being sent to hell forever.

Its a funy thang about most of them devices which allow the power cord to be stored away... its usually so dificult to get it pushed in it ant wort it.!!!

I remember that my rocket radio was red an white... prolly the earphone wires finaly broke an it got tossed... but i sure woud like to have it back now... but just bein able to see pitchers of ones simular to it is almost as good... glad you liked the radio pic.!!!

One of my Catholic buddys at school woud not do any mischief the day befor confession cause he didnt want to have to confess it... but he didnt feel that he needed to confess the bad stuff he did if it was more than one day before confession... i guess the guilty part of his conscience only lasted for 24 houres... LOL.!!!

So was the belief in eternal hell a scary thang for you... did you feel pressure to foller the corect rules.???

My mom didnt go to chruch but she believed in hell... an thout only real bad people woud go ther... in other words... she rationalized that even tho she didn praize God on Sunday that she was still goin to heaven Smile

My mom was a realy good... very smart... an sucessful bidness person... an when she was about 75 i was dumfounded to learn that she didnt realy thank that humans evolved from lower creatures;;; i guess she didnt get much science learnin in her 9 years of school back then.!!!

She had a big dictionary she used for help wit cross word puzzles (she was a Scrabble an CW puzzle nut... filled out CW's wit "inK")... an i used that same dictionary when i was in school to see how words was spelled... an she said ever now an then she woud run across a word that i had put a mark by an thout it was funy to see some of the words that i didnt know how to spell... so i guess we both had issues wit not knowin "obvious" stuff Smile

It worked out well for me even with the power cord left out because I never carried a radio when I left the house.  I still have the original radio in the shed! but the handle is broken off.  Can you believe it?  It'd be cool to see a picture of your rocket radio.

Indeed, I was afraid of breaking the rules, but I only really knew the main ones like not taking communion with unforgiven mortal sins affecting the soul, or being sure to go to mass every on Sunday and on holy days of obligation, unless there was a real good reason.  However, sin or not was mostly up to conscience.

My dad had a dictionary that was about 4 inches thick and about 14 inches by 12 inches, and the print was pretty small.
That reminds me of a crystal radio. I had one that I had a really long antenna on it and then drove a speaker (the kind with an impedance matching transformer attached) with it. Could listen to the strongest local stations.
(Apr 2, 2015 05:31 PM)elte Wrote: That reminds me of a crystal radio.  I had one that I had a really long antenna on it and then drove a speaker (the kind with an impedance matching transformer attached) with it.  Could listen to the strongest local stations.

Yes its a crystal radio... below is its schematic.!!!

Did your's use a battery.???
Mine (from Radio Shack) didn't use a battery.  However, it had the adjustable variable capacitor, while the choke had a fixed value.

[Image: crystal-radio-science-fair-flickr-blazerman02.jpg]

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