What Men Want

(Sep 25, 2018 11:06 PM)confused2 Wrote: I just want the rats to go away before Mrs C2 finds out about them.

I'll 2nd that! I want them to go away too, for Mrs.C2's sake. . Everyday I'm learning more about what men want, like this kind of stuff, the stuff they don't want their wives to know..

Whatever happened to men just wanting sex? Aren't I supposed to be thinking about it every so many seconds? Sounds more pleasant than wanting rats dead. Is that it? The payoff for dead rodents is more sack time? Mrs C2, is she better off not knowing the ugly truth and being an object of sex or knowing about these wire chewers and being too upset to accommodate Mr C2? Men do want what's best for their lady or least we try to keep that in mind.....er.....sometimes.

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