Defining spirituality

(Apr 26, 2018 11:55 PM)Magical Realist Wrote:
Quote:Because you're not using the ignore feature to keep from seeing them. If they are truly so ruinous, why don't you remove them from your sight?

I have to read your crap to make sure you're not lying about me or dredging up shit just to belittle me. I have the right to defend myself here. And I always will, however muddy that makes me after wrestling with the pig.

That's what you tell yourself anyway. Anything it takes to justify your continued excuse to spew hateful garbage and feel persecuted. After all, if you didn't feel persecuted, you might not be so worried about anonymous strangers online and, I don't know, get a life. Now that's truly scary, huh? O_o
For me, I've always leaned towards defining spirituality as a belief system (whether it involves believing in God or not) but... without religion. That's just my homemade definition that works for me. So, I believe in God, but don't follow religion, anymore.
My path has led me away from spirituality as a belief system or as a philosophy and more towards an experience or state of consciousness. When I feel the first cool gloomy days of autumn, or experience the cacophonous drama of a summer thunderstorm, or am greeted at dawn by a pink flaming sunrise, I am responding to reality itself from a place of wonderment and absolute affirmation. I feel completely at home in the universe and embued with a sense of transcendental meaningfulness. I guess if I believe in anything it's the soul within us all--an eternal spirit that carries us beyond ourselves even thru the darkening canyon of death.

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