why democracy fails

(Apr 18, 2018 10:05 PM)Secular Sanity Wrote:
(Apr 18, 2018 07:48 PM)C C Wrote: I instead did put an "a" in so_p, not a "u". Seem to have a processing delay that makes a pre-readiness effect belated in me. I'm not sure even a whole minute later "food" would have started registering with me yet.

Yeah, same here. Why, though, C C?  

The word SOUP is more frequently used.  Double that of SOAP.  Maybe it’s because the letter A is more frequently used than U.

To my knowledge, priming usually takes some time or distraction from the priming to when it is invoked, in order to be effective. The priming cues have to be given time to sift into the subconscious (fall out of conscious thought/memory), where they then become fertile for random recall. It's the same reason the Libet experiments against free will were mistaken. When anyone is ask for a random answer, their subconscious gears up to provide them with one from its catalog of recent cues.

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