Sex, Drugs, and UFOs


"Stories of alien entities engaged in sexual soirées with human abductees and consorts have been recounted from the beginning of the UFO phenomenon, and perhaps since time immemorial. This theme of alien-human sexual high jinks has been a mainstay in sci-fi literature going back to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars, who – after reigning victorious over the red planet’s many strange creatures – won the affections of Martian princess, Deja Thoris. Illustrations of scantily clad earth gals being abducted by bug-eyed aliens were featured time and again in the pulps of the 40s and 50s, further imprinting this titillating theme of sex and saucers on the mind at large.

Drugs, as well, have played an integral role in the experience – in particular psychedelics, which induce a frame of mind more attuned to witnessing the UFO phenomenon and its associated critters, who not only take the form of alien greys, but reptoids, humanoids, and even Bigfoot. What I’m postulating is a vast spectrum of experiences which could be categorized as ‘UFO sightings’.

In the 1970s, a 19-year-old girl attributed the birth of her bluish-skinned, web-footed baby to being sexually accosted on a California beach by a contingent of (you guessed it!) blue-skinned, web-footed aliens. This is but one example of the many purported UFO encounters featuring sexual intercourse or rape. To this end, let us trace the phenomenon back through time and draw parallels between recent UFO/alien encounters, and those of a similar variety that have occurred throughout recorded history...."

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Quote:"Probably the one person on this planet most responsible for the advance of alien-human sexual relations is Pamela Stonebrooke, a talented jazz singer also known as ‘The Intergalactic Diva’. Stonebrooke has claimed numerous sexual bump and grinds with a group of fun-loving alien reptilians, who she believes are preparing her for an apocalyptic planetary upheaval. I bet they tell that to all the earth gals."

Well, at least she only gave birth to four hybrid girls, and avoided the kind of maternity commencement which John Hurt had.

I mean, in the course of all those forgetful, amnesiac mornings after "partying a lot and living the lifestyle of a musician"... Merely having gotten impregnated by a Gorn multiple times might be an upbeat note in contrast to whatever other kinds of guests could have been probing around within her during those unconscious intervals.

Pam had sex with a 6-foot alien

Jazz Singer Tells of Sex With "Reptilian" Alien

EXCERPT: Pamela Stonebrooke, a professional jazz singer residing in Los Angeles, California, says she will tell her own incredible story of alien encounter in a forthcoming book to be published by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House.

[...] On this metallic table that was a couple of feet from the floor were these four little girls, ages about 8, 9, 10 and 11 -- something like that -- and they came running over to me, calling me "Mommy." I was literally paralyzed against the wall. They were grabbing the bottom of my arms. I was trying to pull my arms away, and they were grabbing me.

ML: How did you react to these little girls calling you "Mommy"?

PS: I was panicked, because I had never wanted to be a mother. I had always made sure that I had never been pregnant. However, putting pieces together now, I remember years ago having four false pregnancies which I couldn't explain at the time. I didn't worry about them then, because I hadn't been with anyone.

ML: You're saying that you can recall, in the "normal" part of your life years ago, that you had four unexplained false pregnancies?

PS: Yes. At the time, I was really busy, partying a lot and living the lifestyle of a musician. So I had excuses for why I was hemorrhaging, or why I had weird symptoms or morning sickness. I had other reasons. I was heavily into the music scene, so I made excuses for all that stuff and really didn't worry about it.

ML: Did the four little girls look like normal human children?

PS: They didn't look human, but human-like. They really looked like a mixture. I was afraid of them because, first of all, I couldn't imagine me being a mother, and secondly, I couldn't imagine being the mother of something I didn't fully recognize as human. In retrospect, I've dealt with the guilt I felt for not being able to embrace them and accept them.

ML: When you woke up the next morning, was all of this clear in your memory?

PS: Yes, vivid. And I knew that something about it was different than an astral projection. Because, literally, I have astral projected to places where there were half-animal, half-human beings tearing at me, and have awakened in the morning and said, "Oh man, I'm glad that was only a projection." So now we have little girls grabbing my arm, and I'm totally panic-stricken. It doesn't make sense.

ML: Was there something in particular the next day that convinced you that this had been more physicially real than an out-of-body experience?

PS: Yes. I had my kimono on, and I noticed that my arms were sore at the bottom. So I pulled my kimono sleeve up, and I saw little bruise marks on my arm, from my elbow down to my wrist. The minute I saw them, it was a confirmation to me that something really physical had happened.

ML: How did you feel about that?

PS: For the next year and a half, I was pretty much a mess. I was trying to share with friends, and with my minister at Science of Mind church. And I was really unhappy at not being taken seriously -- in fact, looked at like I was crazy. My friends stopped calling me because I wasn't fun any more. All I wanted to talk about was this...

More likely repressed memories of rapes resurfacing. Alien violation perhaps easier to accept than a family member.

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