Identity crisis prompts gay suicide

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" Massimo Gandolfini, director of neuroscience and head of neurosurgery at the Poliambulanza Foundation in Brescia, made the comments while speaking at a meeting organized by Comitato Articolo 26, which campaigns against teaching children about gender and sexuality.

He pointed to the suicide rate in gay-friendly countries among homosexuals being high, despite those countries being more welcoming.

"It's said that suicides are higher because society isn't welcoming," he added.

"To debunk this lie, go and look at data from Belgium and Scandinavia. The incidence of suicide in these countries, which are gay-friendly, remains very high because beneath all of this is identity discomfort,” Gandolfini was quoted in L’Espresso as saying."

Yes, Suicide Is a Gay Issue

"I remember my first identity crisis. I hated being me practically my entire life. I hated being Italian-American practically my entire life.
I remember my second identity crisis. Later in life I would come to realize that my ethnicity is not the only aspect of my life that marginalizes me and makes me not “fit in.”"

San Francisco is arguably the most LGBT-accepting city in the US:
"The number of LGBT students in San Francisco middle and high schools who have attempted suicide — rates that for some groups near 50 percent — could grow unless intervention and early acceptance programs are increased, advocates say." -

Even in some of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world:
"Background: A growing body of research claims that sexual minority individuals have nearly twice the suicidal ideation rate of heterosexual individuals.
Method: The main objective of the current study was to test a model wherein internalized sexual stigma (ISS) mediates the association between some gay-related stressors and suicidal ideation. The present cross-sectional survey involved two samples of lesbian and gay young adults from Spain (N = 209) and Italy (N = 345). The total sample included 316 gay men and 228 lesbian women. Path analysis was used to test the direct and indirect (mediated) effects of the variables from different domains on repulsion by life.
Results: In both the Spanish and Italian samples, past victimization experiences and ISS had a significant direct effect on repulsion by life."
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This is just Syne's sleezy attempt to twist being gay into some mental illness that gay people have and that causes them to become more depressed and suicidal than "normal" heteros. Here's some quotes from his own linked sources:

From your own article about this professor's claim:

"The professor’s statement goes wholly against a report published in 2007 by Ilga-Europe, an LGBT rights organization, which said: “Detailed research has shown that a social environment that excludes and stigmatises LGBT youth causes many of them to turn to suicide as an escape from depression, isolation and hopelessness."

From the "yes suicide is a gay issue" article:

"As a homosexual male, my sexual orientation also marginalizes me, making me feel like an outcast, making me feel less-than-human. And it must be stated, and known, that with its conservative and traditional ways of thinking, the Italian-American community — my own community — has not always been accepting and understanding of my sexual orientation. Ironically, one marginalized community marginalizes — even minimizes and oppresses — another marginalized community."

From your own article about SF LGBT kids:

"Caitlin Ryan, director of the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University, said more students are coming out at a younger age, which is positive for the cultural movement but can be dangerous if they do not have the proper supports in place.

"I think we'll see it get worse for a number of years," Ryan said. "Adolescents are coming out at much younger ages and though schools are putting some programs in place, they're still being victimized in their community or harassed in a congregation."

And this is from your second study of Italian and Spanish kids:

"Disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual
individuals can be attributed in part to discrimination and
victimization experiences that are often consequences of a
homophobic context. Different studies (Friedman et al., 2011;
Russell, Sinclair, Poteat, & Koenig, 2012) reported that sexual
minority individuals with a history of victimization report higher
levels of suicidal ideation. Several studies pointed to the minority
stress model (Meyer, 2003) to explain the reasons for increased
suicide problems among sexual minorities."

What was that about an "identity crisis"?

Here's the real reason for high suicide rates among LGBTQ's...

"Among young people, LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) and gender-nonconforming kids are more at risk than others. LGBTQ+ teens are two to five times more likely than their peers attempt suicide. A study in the journal Pediatrics in 2011 found 21.5% of their LGBTQ+ youth respondents had attempted suicide, compared to 4.2% of non-LGBTQ+ respondents. Within this group, gender-nonconforming kids are more at risk than gender-conforming ones.

Why is this population so much more at risk? Two main reasons: lack of parental support for their gender/sexual identity and school bullying. An alarmingly high number of LGBTQ+ teens are rejected by their parents—urban shelters are packed with kids forced to leave home because of parental rejection—and LGBTQ+ kids are physically abused by adults in their families more frequently than other children. The consequence of this lack of parental support is significant. Studies have shown having the support of parents is a buffer for teens against the criticism and judgment of the world outside the family. Another study found gender-nonconforming children who are supported by their parents develop fewer behavior problems than those whose parents tried to punish or suppress their gender expression. Psychologist Caitlin Ryan’s work shows LGBTQ+ children who feel loved and accepted by their parents are more hopeful and far less likely to attempt suicide than queer young people who feel rejected—and they are even more likely to practice safe sex. Rejection by parents remains a powerful motive, perhaps the primary one, in triggering suicide among queer and trans young people.

School bullying is the second special risk factor for LGBTQ+ youth—see Emily Bazelon’s Sticks and Stones for an excellent summary of the research. The prevalence of bullying in middle school and high school is shockingly high for all kids, but it is ridiculous for LGBTQ+ kids—most surveys agree 85% to 90% report being verbally harassed at school, 40% report being physically harassed, and 20% report being physically assaulted. The link between bullying and suicidality in young people is well established: bullied kids are up to five times more likely to try suicide. Among LGBTQ+ kids, those who are gender nonconforming are by far at the most risk of being bullied—they “stand out” the most, are visibly “different,” and therefore trigger the most negative reactions from others. In particular, boys who express their gender in ways considered stereotypically feminine experience especially harsh stigmatization by peers. I have seen many, many cases of severe posttraumatic stress in gay men who expressed themselves in a feminine way as children.

Isolation is a known risk factor for suicide, and many LGBTQ+ kids feel both ostracized by peers and isolated from others who are like them. Isolation is often very dependent on geography, although the Internet has greatly helped lonely teens connect with each other for cyber support."====
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Hey, it's that gay author who asserted "Yes, Suicide Is a Gay Issue" and identified both as "identity crises". Take that up with him.

That Ilga-Europe study also said:
"For example, a 1999 survey of 3365 high school students in the US found that gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth were 3.4 times more likely to report a suicide attempt, while a Norwegian review in 2001 of several studies judged to be well documented found that these reported the risk of suicide attempts by young gay, lesbian and bisexual persons as between two to six times higher than for heterosexuals." -

IOW, exactly what Gandolfini was referring equal or even higher rate of suicide risk in liberal countries than less liberal ones. The only other explanation than identity crisis is that more liberal countries are actually more homophobic than less liberal ones. Since I know the hypocrisy of leftists about other forms of bigotry, I'd pretty readily believe that too.
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Could be sexual orientation obsession.

"It is reported that homosexual obsessions have lifetime rates of about ten percent among treatment-seeking people with OCD. In addition, it appears that more males experience sexual orientation obsessions than females. The lack of a specific diagnostic tool to identify people with this subtype of OCD can cause people to be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by clinicians that are not experienced in treating people with OCD. Such a therapist may mistakenly believe that the individual is undergoing a sexual identity crisis due to "being in the closet," and this sort of discussion only increases the fear in the individual. Being unable to obtain a proper diagnosis or proper treatment may lead to feelings of hopelessness, despair, and even suicidal ideation. This makes sexual orientation obsessions a particularly worrisome type of OCD. Thus it is vitally important that people with sexual obsessions in OCD be treated by an experienced and effective OCD therapist." -


But Gandolfini doesn't actually use the term "crisis" himself. That's just how the article characterizes it. He actually calls it "identity discomfort".

"When young people are severed from the ideals and positively sanctioned statuses, feelings of alienation or social isolation may develop. These feelings can result in undesired treatment and status. This process results in personal marginalization, and it may lead to social marginalization which includes that person’s relative economic, employment, educational, and cultural loss compared to those around him. This provides a second source of alienation from mainstream society. This can cause an individual to experience extreme discomfort called ego identity discomfort. Because external sources have too much control, the individual cannot construct a personal definition of him/her self. The person is then motivated to identify with an alternative social group such as a drug subcultural group. Such groups provide opportunities to resolve identity problems. Identification with such a group reduces the person’s ego identity discomfort, or it helps to solve identity problems." -

"identify with an alternative social group such as a drug subcultural group" would explain the prevalence for substance abuse in LGBT.
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LOL! Except that sexual orientation obsession occurs in people who are NOT gay. Try again?

"SO-OCD includes worries about experiencing an unwanted change in sexual orientation, fears that others may think one is gay, or fear that one has hidden same-sex desires. About ten percent of OCD patients who seek professional help have unwanted sexual orientation obsessions at some point during the course of their disorder, making SO-OCD somewhat common."

Ego dystonic sexual orientation sounds like a gay person in denial about their orientation or who wants to change it. Like those evangelicals that go to camps to be turned straight..

"The World Health Organization (WHO) lists ego-dystonic sexual orientation in the ICD-10, as a disorder of sexual development and orientation. The WHO diagnosis covers when gender identity or sexual orientation is clear, yet a patient has another behavioural or psychological disorder which makes that patient want to change it. F66.1 The diagnostic manual notes that a sexual orientation is not a disorder in itself."

Oh and I googled "identity discomfort" and nothing meaningful came up. Seems to me you are on a fishing expedition for syndromes to label gay people with. Why is that?
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(Dec 11, 2017 04:08 AM)Magical Realist Wrote: Oh and I googled "identity discomfort" and nothing meaningful came up. Seems to me you are on a fishing expedition for syndromes to label gay people with. Why is that?

Man, you're lazy. I even gave you a link. Rolleyes

Unless that one struck a nerve. Substance abuse?
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Quote:Unless that one struck a nerve. Substance abuse?

Right..I prove you totally fowled up 3 alleged disorders for gay people and now I'M the one abusing substances. Your desperation to just lash out instead of arguing coherently is pathetic. It reminds me of a 4 year old.
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LOL! I was just throwing out possible alternatives.

And you completely ignored that third one (you know the OP one) for some reason. Dodgy
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(Dec 11, 2017 05:14 AM)Syne Wrote: LOL! I was just throwing out possible alternatives.

And you completely ignored that third one (you know the OP one) for some reason.  Dodgy

This is what you said:

"But Gandolfini doesn't actually use the term "crisis" himself. That's just how the article characterizes it. He actually calls it "identity discomfort"."

There is no such disorder anywhere on Google. You and your professor are making shit up. Why is this important to label gay people with mental disorders? Is this something you do in your spare time, looking for excuses to call gay people crazy? Why is that Syne? Something dead and stinky in your closet you're hiding from the world? Something in you you need to separate yourself from like the plague?

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