(life style) Why rejecting the modern world is a privileged fantasy

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EXCERPT: Romanticising the past is a common human compulsion, and may well have psychological benefits. But some people take it rather far [...] Some even eschew as many of the trappings of modern life as possible. One such person is Mark Boyle, a man who rejects things like money, technology, electricity, etc, and is a much better person for it. Better than us, at any rate, judging by his books and regular Guardian columns. You might argue adopting an extreme back-to-nature lifestyle then crowing about it via a major website is slightly massively-hypocritical? You wouldn’t be alone.

[...] That being said, at least Boyle’s not blaming immigrants or haranguing gay people for clicks. He’s not hurting anyone. At least, he wasn’t, but with his recent article on how he’s much healthier without “the trappings of modernity” and progress, I feel that’s changed. Lecturing people about how modern technology and medicine is bad for you, based on your own narrow experience, musings and good fortune, that can have very dangerous results. That’s assuming his claims are consistent and coherent, but they aren’t really....

MORE: https://www.theguardian.com/science/brai...ed-fantasy

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