Finally a cool family wagon


"I remember way back in the day when US Top Gear was still in its first season, Rutledge did a segment where he discussed his love for wagons while reviewing a Cadillac CTS-V wagon. I remember thinking to myself “Now THAT’S how you get a family car that looks cool and can actually perform, not one of the billion SUV/CUVs on the market that do absolutely nothing.” My first though immediately after that episode was how perfect a Porsche Panamera wagon would be.

It appears my wishes have come true, as Porsche announced that their Panamera Sport Turismo wagon will come to the States, though a specific date was not given. The Panamera five door will be making its debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19th). According to Dr. Stefan Utsch, Porsche’s head of sales and marketing for the Panamera, the production version of the wagon will look a lot like the 2012 concept shown above.

Despite no official date, I am absolutely ecstatic that we here in the States will eventually be getting the Panamera wagon. Somewhere along the line, wagon got a bad name and everyone went with SUVs as their anti-minivan family car of choice. That’s all fine and good, but like Rutledge, I always liked wagons. My in laws had a Volvo wagon and I loved driving that thing around.

The Panamera isn’t exactly a looker (Top Gear was absolutely brutal with it), but it has the performance to back it up. Soccer moms and dads can finally get that family car that isn’t a minivan, and now we don’t need to pretend it’s something that it’s not! Because if the Panamera has shown us anything, it’s that it can absolutely haul ass.

The Porsche Cayenne and Macan are currently huge sellers here (yuck), but I would love to see more Panameras once the wagon comes along for no other reason than the fact that I dislike the Cayenne and Macan. I actually like the way the Panamera looks, and wouldn’t mind seeing a few next to me on the freeway. With the Panamera wagon, maybe Cadillac might even bring back the CTS-V Sport Wagon!"
If only something else besides the forgettable Ballad of Bronco Tilly ... by Phelps McGrooder, would come up as promotional background music:

"[...] The graffiti on the wall,

Why, that was the last straw.

Now she's takin' the family wagon,

To slay a Southside Dragon."

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