Family suggestions for the Philippines + Iceland buddy tours

Family Finds in the Philippines

EXCERPT: Like everyone everywhere, the people of the Philippines read the paper, watch TV, and consult their smartphones for information. But in this Southeast Asian nation, where society is bound by a complex web of familial relationships, if you really want to know something, you go and ask your relatives. And so, on a recent visit to Manila to visit, yes, relatives, I pressed for recommendations as to the wonders of the country Traveler magazine recently named a Best of the World destination for 2016. I wanted something beyond the the world-famous El Nido in Palawan or the equally well-known Banaue Rice Terraces. Here’s what my cousins, aunts, and uncles had to say....

Icelandair buddy tours

EXCERPT: Need a BFF on your next stopover in Iceland? The Iceland-based airline will match travelers with like-minded staff members so you can "explore Iceland like a native, with a native," according to an Icelandair statement....
Travel to Iceland reminds me of the tragic life of Bobby Fischer. I think fame he experienced as world chess champion was bad for his mental health.

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