Large New Zealand Earthquake

This is a 7.8, a major event. (In amount of energy released, this is close to the earthquake that destroyed San Francisco in 1906.) It was centered along the coast of South Island, about 100 miles north of Christchurch. (The remoteness of the area might reduce the damage some.)

In Christchurch (pop around half a million I guess) the US Geological Survey predicts the shaking will be felt as 'strong'. To the north, in the small town of Kaikura, the USGS predicts it will be 'severe'. That level of shaking is associated with considerable damage.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is aware of this earthquake but doesn't have any Pacific-wide tsunami warnings in effect for it. Local NZ news reports that a local tsunami warning remains in effect and police were warning people to stay away from beaches near the quake. Two confirmed fatalities, one due to an historic building collapsing in Kaikura, another at a farm apparently. Urban search and rescue teams and military helicopters on the way to Kaikura.

The USGS predicted shake maps have the effects concentrated north of the epicenter, up the coast towards Blenheim and Wellington.

Photos of broken windows in Wellington. Light rail trains in Wellington not running until the rails are inspected. People are being advised to stay away from the central business district in Wellington.

Not clear to me whether all the news from Wellington is due to the earthquake being felt more strongly there or due to the news media being centered there. I would expect more damage in Christchurch frankly, since it's nearer the epicenter and sits on soil subject to liquifaction.

USGS models don't predict high loss of life, but do predict quite a bit of damage. They note that most structures in the area are built so as to be earthquake resistant. It will be felt over a wide area, but perhaps not very strongly everywhere.

They already been several large aftershocks, the largest 6.5, itself a significant earthquake.
Only 2 deaths? That's amazing. Says something about our building codes nowadays.
Here's the image that the world is seeing: Three cows trapped on the tiny remaining fragment of their farm field, after everything around them disappeared in a landslide. Were there were lots of cows in that field and the rest are... gone? These three, two adults and a juvenile, appear to have been in just the right spot at the right time. I wonder how/if they will be rescued.

[Image: 1013568_1_New%20Zealand%20earthquake_sta...rd_600x400]
here is an extended raw video with a bot voice over.

it looks like a bit of a hillside so the cows were probably spread out. not uncommon for a calf and mother cow to be sitting a bit away from the rest of the heard when the calfs are quite small.
the older cows can get a bit bitchy and kick the calfs around if they stand close t them so generaly speaking they spread out if they have the room or if there is a very dominant cow in the heard(quite cmmon).
they have little groups in a hear and spread out quite a bit often.
my guess is its possible 1 or 2 might have been killed by being dragged into the ground but considering cows can swim and the dirt is very dry they would likely drag themselves out using smimming action which they are faily good at.
hope that gives you some useful info.
stranded marine life
dead seals
dead crayfish
dead paua(dead abalone by the thousands)

locals risking fines, imporisonment and having their private motor vehicles siezed while rescuing the marine life.
just released drone footage of the nz quake from a few days ago

just a few minutes ago

Type: EarthQuake
50 minutes ago
Magnitude: 6.1
DateTime: 2016-11-21 18:19:53
Region: North Island, New Zealand.
Depth: 55
Source: GeoScience Australia

locale Government sizemology system shows it as a 5.4

quite abit less than the 6.1, if it had beena 6.1 there would be citys closing down most likely and rail systems probably going to emergency hold.

for some reason i have been hearing rumours of an 8.6 expected.
who knows. as long as these smaller one keep going we should be ok and any bigged one above 7 happen off shore fingers crossed.
note californian fault like the sanandreas fault (california caost line with around 100 million people roughly) ... as long as it continues to get steady small ones continually hopefully it will reamin that way.
please excuse typos im well past my bed time

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