Old people that have young DNA

Quote:The next step will be to find out whether such people stay healthier for longer. 'Obviously, health depends on more than just the regulation of our DNA. But we do think that the dysregulation of the DNA is a fundamental process that could push the risk of different diseases in the wrong direction,' Heijmans explains. 'In cancer cells, we found changes in the regulation of the DNA at the same sites as if the differences occurring with ageing were a precursor of the disease. We therefore want to study whether a dysregulated DNA increases the risk of different forms of cancer and, conversely, a "youthful" DNA is protective,' adds first author Roderick Slieker.  
Looks like I was born too late. Wish they would have defined young DNA in the story. My guess is that it's any DNA that isn't dysregulating (that's how they spelled it). I'd like to be 28 forever and know what I know now.
Amen bro
(Sep 22, 2016 08:09 PM)elte Wrote: Amen bro

That would certainly change the way we look at sports. Imagine making $25 million a year at 28, skilled and youthful and staying that way. Usain Bolt wins unprecedented 100th consecutive gold medal in the 100m.

Could be disastrous also.
I find the combination of lots of talent, indefinitely long lifespan, and plenty of wealth an attractive combination, based on never having experienced it though. I hear of stories of wealth ruining people's lives, so would strongly wish to somehow avoid that bad outcome.

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