Novel antioxidant makes old blood vessels seem young again


EXCERPT: . . . Older adults who take a novel antioxidant that specifically targets cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, see aging of their blood vessels reverse by the equivalent of 15 to 20 years within six weeks, according to new CU Boulder research. The study [...] adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, or nutraceuticals, could play an important role in preventing heart disease—the nation’s No. 1 killer. It also resurrects the notion that oral antioxidants, which have been broadly dismissed as ineffective in recent years, could reap measurable health benefits if properly targeted, the authors say.

[...] For the study, Rossman and senior author Doug Seals [...] recruited 20 healthy men and women age 60 to 79 from the Boulder area. Half took 20 milligrams per day of a commercially available supplement called MitoQ. It's made by chemically altering the naturally-occurring antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 to make it cling to mitochondria inside cells. The other half took a placebo.


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