Newly discovered way cancer evades treatment + English speaker vocabulary, 42,000 wor

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Quote:     The research team was led by Laurent Bentolila, director of UCLA's Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy lab, and included Claire Lugassy and Raymond Barnhill (formerly of UCLA and now of France's Institut Curie). They theorized that—in addition to the prevailing theory about how cancer spreads—tumor cells also could spread through the body by a mechanism called angiotropism, meaning that they could travel along the outside of blood vessels, without entering into the bloodstream.
Quote: Armed with a new list of words and using the power of social media, a new study published in Frontiers in Psychology, has found that by the age of twenty, a native English speaking American knows 42 thousand dictionary words.  
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Quote:"Lugassy and Barnhill's research on angiotropism has questioned the assumption that all metastatic tumor cells break off and flow through the bloodstream to spread disease," Bentolila said. "If tumor cells can spread by continuous migration along the surfaces of blood vessels and other anatomical structures such as nerves, they now have an escape route outside the bloodstream."

Evolution of stealth and evasive tactics in malignant neoplastic disease: "Hooray! Now we feral tumor cells can doom ourselves all the more effectively / quicker in the course of killing the host body."

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