Jo Cox murder: Thomas Mair asked 4 mental health treatment + Nazi regalia found

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Jo Cox murder: Thomas Mair asked for mental health treatment day before MP died

EXCERPT: The man accused of murdering Jo Cox sought help for his mental health problems the night before she was killed - but was told to make an appointment and come back the next day. The disclosure comes as it emerged that Thomas Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US, which explained how to construct a home-made gun and munitions. There were also reports that police had found ‘Nazi regalia’ at his home.

Mr Mair, 52, visited an alternative therapy centre in Birstall on Wednesday evening, the night before Mrs Cox was killed, where he explained he wanted treatment for depression. The owner of the Birstall Wellbeing Centre told Mr Mair to return the next day for an appointment but he never went back. Mrs Cox was stabbed, shot and killed the same day outside Birstall library, which is about 300 yards from the therapy centre.

The centre’s owner Rebecca Walker, 42, told The Telegraph: “He came to the centre looking for alternative therapies for his depression. “He said he had been suffering from mental health problems for a long time, but said that reflex therapies and others he’d tried in the past hadn’t helped. He appeared to be quite a troubled man, didn’t say very much to anyone while he was there. I asked him to come back on Thursday to discuss it all and have a drink, but he never came back. You think maybe you could stop it, you know if he’d stayed for five more minutes. I guess I couldn’t really have done much though really.”

The claims that Mr Mair had allegedly bought a number of manuals from an extremist group in the US was uncovered by the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), a civil rights organisation in the US. It said Mr Mair made the purchases between 1999 and 2003. Receipts for items also included Ich Kämpfe, an illustrated handbook issued to members of the Nazi party in 1942. In total, SPLC said Mr Mair had spent £430 worth of books and manuals from the National Alliance, a white separatist movement which shut down in 2013....

Nazi regalia discovered at house of Jo Cox killing suspect

Jo Cox MP death: Police probe right-wing links to MP's killing
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Spending £430 on those National Alliance books and manuals is depressing by itself.

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