Ancient device too advanced to be real + Eco cat furniture + Spacious/open tiny house

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An Ancient Device Too Advanced to Be Real Gives Up Its Secrets at Last

EXCERPT: The writing verifies the Antikythera mechanism’s capabilities, with a couple of new wrinkles added: The text refers to upcoming eclipses by color, which may mean they were viewed as having some kind of oracular meaning. Second, it appears the device was built by more than one person on the island of Rhodes, and that it probably wasn’t the only one of its kind. The ancient Greeks were apparently even further ahead in their astronomical understanding and mechanical know-how than we’d imagined...

Cat Climbing Advances to Eco-Friendly Heights

EXCERPT: Let’s face it. Cats don’t have much respect for people furniture. They’ll happily claw away at your comfy couch, pulling out stuffing or just leaving horror-movie shred marks down the side, all while wearing an expression of “Who, me?!” innocence. Cue Brock Delinski and his Eco Cat Furniture. He started the socially conscious company to provide safe and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cat furniture....

Spacious and Open Tiny Home

EXCERPT: With the summer in full swing in the Western hemisphere, tiny homes are gaining in popularity again. Especially since such homes make great off- or on-grid vacation cabins. And an excellent example is the new creation by the company New Frontier Tiny Homes of Nashville. It’s small, but opens up on both sides, which lets in plenty of fresh air and brings the occupants closer to nature. The tiny home is called The Alpha and measures 240 sq ft....

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