Inside Mercedes' New Concept Car


EXCERPT: Here’s something you probably didn’t expect to see today: a 360-degree photo from the interior of a new Mercedes concept car that’s being shown off at CES, which Mercedes allowed me to take after some convincing. (“It’s a photo, just in 360 degrees…) You have to click here to view the photo since the embed code doesn’t appear to work unfortunately. Mercedes calls the vehicle the IAA Concept, and it’s designed to showcase a few new technologies the German automaker has up its sleeves that may one day make it to actual production vehicles....
That is one SLICK car interior! Would I be worthy of it? I keyed into the pink/blue contrast some months ago. There is a lunge in my solar plexus every time I see pink and blue lights together. Lit up air conditioner vents. We have come of age now! lol!

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