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Tesla Facilities

Yazata Offline
Drone flyover video of the Fremont Tesla plant near San Jose California. It's huge, like a city in its own right. 20,000 employees work there.

It used to be a General Motors plant which opened in 1962. Then in 1984 it became Nummi (New United Motors), a joint venture with Toyota. That ended when General Motors entered bankruptcy in 2009. In 2010 Tesla bought the factory and extensively remodeled it. In 2023 this huge industrial plant churned out 560,000 Teslas! That's more than 1,500/day. It builds models S, 3, X & Y (sexy!)

This video includes a bonus flyover of the Tesla battery plant in Lathrop California, maybe 30 miles east of Fremont near Stockton, which produces Tesla's Mega packs. These are large industrial sized fixed location batteries that can store large amounts of electricity to to supplement the grid and provide backup power. (The automotive batteries for Fremont come from Tesla's plant outside Reno Nevada.

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