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Superbowl LVIII thread (general madness, pre-game outrages, on field heroics, etc)

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Super Bowl LVIII

Note that stated viewership figures pertain to the US, not the whole world.
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NFL eyes super-sized global audience for Super Bowl LVIII

EXCERPT: Sunday's Super Bowl is expected to shatter viewership records in the U.S. and with an assist from the federal government, could be the most watched NFL game ever around the world. The highly-anticipated match up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will be shown in 190 countries and is getting a boost from the U.S. State Department, which is hosting watch parties in more than 30 overseas locations. "Basically the entire world is getting access to the Super Bowl," NFL Executive Vice President Peter O'Reilly told Reuters.
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Could Super Bowl LVIII be the most-watched ever?

EXCERPT: After a record year for the NFL, Sunday’s big rematch between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers certainly has the potential to break a viewership record. Currently, the most-watched Super Bowl in history is actually last year’s Chiefs-Eagles game, which was watched by more than 115 million people. That’s also the second most-watched TV program in history.

Given the league’s fairly incremental gains during the regular season, Super Bowl LVIII is unlikely to blow that audience out of the water, but it could inch past it to claim the crown. That’s thanks to a myriad of things including the fact that the Chiefs are competing for their fourth Super Bowl ring — and their third in five years. And, possibly, Taylor Swift.

No matter what happens, we can expect the Super Bowl to put up an impressive audience. [...] Four of the last five Super Bowls are among the Top 25 and, over the years, 12 Super Bowls have managed over 100M viewers.

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Is it the Super Woke Bowl?

How Taylor Swift could attend Superbowl to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce
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Taylor Swift rushes to private jet moments after concert ends to fly to see Travis Kelce play in the Superbowl

EXCERPTS: [...] The prospect of this race against time, crossing nine time zones and the international date line, has fired imaginations, and speculation, for weeks. ... In addition to sequined dresses celebrating Swift in the packed Tokyo Dome, there were Travis Kelce jerseys hats, and other gear celebrating his team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Some in Tokyo spent thousands of dollars to attend the pop superstar’s concerts this week.

To call the worldwide scrutiny of Swift’s travels intense is an understatement. [...] Fans have tracked her jet. The planet-warming carbon emissions of her globe-trotting travels have been criticized. Officials have weighed in on her ability to park her jet in Las Vegas airports. ... Even Japanese diplomats have gotten into the act...

[...] Office worker Hitomi Takahashi, 29, bought matching Taylor Swift sweatshirts along with her friend and was taking photos just outside of the dome on Saturday. “I hope she can return in time. It’s so romantic,” she said.

She is aware of the criticisms Swift is facing about her private jets, but said the singer was being singled out unfairly. “Many other people are flying on business, and she is here for her work. She faces a bashing because she is famous and stands out,” Takahashi said... (MORE - missing details)
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No longer Mr. Irrelevant, 49ers’ Brock Purdy is more than ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’

EXCERPTS: “Mr. Irrelevant” sounds more like a Taylor Swift song about a bad breakup than the miscast moniker for the starting quarterback of her boyfriend’s Super Bowl opponent. There is nothing diva or gossip-worthy about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who — just two years removed from being the absolute last pick in the NFL Draft — has become Super Bowl Sunday relevant.

His loved ones won’t be rushing on a luxury jet from Japan to catch him on American sports’ biggest stage Sunday. He won’t be rocking the bold burgundy or plaid suits of rival Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes when he strides into Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

A gray pullover and white sneakers that could’ve been on the sales rack at Kohl’s are more Purdy’s style, said Jared Patchett, Purdy’s childhood friend.

The 24-year-old QB’s lightning-quick path to Super Bowl LVIII wasn’t on anyone’s radar six years ago when he was coming out of Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, desperately trying to get the attention of college football recruiters at any level.

But now, as Purdy leads the 49ers against the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, there is a more appropriate Taylor Swift song title to fit his legendary rise: “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

[...] Humble beginnings? Turns out he had those too. Twice he led Perry High to the Arizona state championship game, and twice he lost to rival Chandler High.

After a scholar athlete luncheon in Phoenix, when Purdy was a senior looking uncomfortable in a tuxedo, he sought out emcee Brad Cesmat, a local sports radio and TV personality, for advice. Barely anyone was recruiting him.

“He’s just this shy little kid and he said, ‘Mr. Cesmat, what community college do you think I should be looking at? I got nothing.’”

Yet, when Big 12 school Iowa State finally took notice, Purdy found himself quickly racing up the depth chart: third-string to start the season but bona fide starter by the end. He pulled that same trick his rookie year with the 49ers when he seized the starting role after injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo cleared the way for “Mr. Irrelevant” — the name given to the 262nd and last pick in the NFL draft.

To celebrate the road to the Super Bowl, family friend Kevin Rowe, who runs a string of law firms across Arizona, has rented 75 digital billboards from Tucson to Yuma to Bullhead City and dozens more in Las Vegas to rally the home-state crowd that has never sent a homegrown quarterback to start in the Super Bowl. The 49ers’ logo is absent — he didn’t want to offend the Arizona Cardinals fans — but the message is clear: “Let’s Go Brock Purdy!”

[...] Purdy was such a straight arrow as a kid, his worst transgressions were playing doorbell ditch, Patchett said. “He always stayed out of trouble in high school. That’s why I tried to hang out with him,” Patchett said. With so much on the line during football season, “the last thing I want to do is get caught up in a high school party.”

[...] Purdy comes from a family of athletes. His father, Shawn, played minor league baseball for the then-California Angels in Southern California, where he met his wife, Carrie. After leaving the Angels, he played in the minor leagues for the San Francisco Giants’ organization...

[...] Shawn Purdy started a hot-tub business and was working a swap meet in the fall of 2022 on the Sunday when the 49ers were playing the Miami Dolphins. The seller in the stall across the way mentioned that Garoppolo injured his foot and the backup was sent in.“Shawn had to close up shop and hightail it home in his truck to see Brock,” said Cesmat, who has become a family friend. “He told me he hit every red light.”

For a teenager who showed so much promise, Purdy was often waylaid by bad luck. [...] Despite a banner senior season, those maladies, plus an impression that he was too short, too slow and his arm strength was too weak, left him with little college interest during the first round of recruiting his senior year.

“There’s somebody that is humble enough, that is hungry enough, to do whatever it takes to chase his dream,” said Cesmat, who pushed Purdy’s highlight reels on recruiters. Purdy ultimately received several offers before choosing Ames, Iowa.

“He just injected this energy and spark here with our team that was so contagious that everybody was able to kind of rally around him as a freshman,” said Taylor Mouser, who recruited him to the Iowa State Cyclones. “He knew exactly who he was. He wasn’t trying to be the cool guy. He wasn’t trying to be liked by anybody. He’s just always stayed so grounded to himself.”

During the NFL draft in 2022, in the expansive family room of the Purdy home on Misty Way, Brock’s name finally, lastly, popped up on the screen. His new team — the 49ers. His family and friends leaped to their feet, erupting in cheers. Purdy buried his head in his hands.

[...] Purdy still has some naysayers who quibble that he’s a game manager, not a game changer; and he wouldn’t be such a success without a powerful team behind him.

“He is clean-cut, God-fearing — why are we knocking this kid?” Patchett’s father, J.P., asked. “Is it not the kind of underdog story that everybody typically likes to get behind?”

Like Swift and Kelce, there’s a romance here, too. Next month, Purdy will marry his college sweetheart, Jenna Brandt, a former volleyball player. “If you’re looking for an adorable love story,” Purdy’s high school English teacher Katie Cambra said. “They really do fit that mold.” (MORE - missing details)
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Super Bowl winners: NFL, Networks, Bookies, Taylor Swift.

Predictions: Poor officiating at critical moments, 2 or 3 lucky bounces, claims of game being fixed, halftime show will be rated great even though it’s really shit, a boatload of commercials, minimum 10 plays go under review with at least 4 calls reversed, KC fans will tomahawk chop, talking heads yell instead of just talk normal, all female analysts and sideline reporters will look great, male analysts will try to be comedians.
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Damn Z-man! You are 100% so far!
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(Feb 12, 2024 03:27 AM)Yazata Wrote: Damn Z-man! You are 100% so far!

Despite missing a dozen holding calls, spotting the ball incorrectly and having trouble uttering the words ‘horse collar’ the officials weren’t too bad, not as bad as the game was up until late in third quarter. Because new overtime rules were used there are some fans claiming game rigged, also same for Gronk missing the field goal for betting shop advertiser promotion. Biggest lucky bounce went Chiefs way when punt hit leg of guy trying to block. Was worried about Tomahawk Chop not appearing until Chiefs’ fans finally got it going when their team started gaining momentum. First half was so dull that I kept switching over to PGA golf and I might have missed a few reviews so never did get a total.

Was Usher trying to feel Alicia Keys’ ass? He got somewhat close and snuggly with her. Wonder what her husband thought about that? Did female football broadcast team members think it was appropriate? I had visions of Ms Jackson’s boob reveal replaying in my head. Was halftime Roller Derby or a Blaxploitation flick?

I’m starting to prefer the female talking heads over their brethren. Women seem more serious and don’t often engage in hiding any inadequacies they may have by attempting to be funny and LOUD. Damn… I was going to predict a streaker but figured that to be too outlandish but kudos to anyone who was bold enough to put it in print.

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