Seven places to see the Eiffel Tower (not counting the original in Paris, of course)


EXCERPT: How many Eiffel Towers does the world need? Alexandre Gustave Eiffel created his metal lattice marvel to last 20 years. It debuted at the 1889 world's fair in Paris and has endured as a beloved world landmark ever since. Its charm is evidenced by the kitschy copycats around the world. The latest Eiffel Tower replica is one being built for the new Parisian Macau resort on the trendy hotel-casino Cotai Strip in Macau. [...] Here are seven places to see Eiffel Tower knockoffs, big and small. Of course, none measures up to the original, a full 984 feet tall -- 1,063 feet if you count the antenna on top.... [Photos]
Quote:Alexandre Gustave Eiffel created his metal lattice marvel to last 20 years.

I guess back then nobody was up on the idea of World Fairs leaving permanent readily identifiable descriptors of their host cities. Seattle. Toronto. San Antonio. The city's face as it's unique skyline. Did I miss any? Oh..what about NYC?

[Image: 430492167_5ed049e9d1.jpg]
I was wondering what should be a lower limit on the size.  1/10 scale seems to be getting pretty small.  I'm thinking maybe 1/6.  It might be interesting to see a scaling figure of 2 or more, actually twice as tall as the original in Paris.
Vegas. baby!

[Image: Eiffel_Tower_in_Las_Vegas_at_night.JPG]

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