Intriguing places

A compilation of interesting spots from around the world.

Peruvian oasis town Huacachina:

[Image: Z1Wlouw.jpg]

Saorge France

[Image: saorge.jpg]

Krausnick Brandenburg Germany

[Image: 89ef6f4efd030167ba7fd4e572bc3997.jpg]

Male Maldives

[Image: 130110050.jpg]

Mont St. Michel France

[Image: MontSaintMichelFrance.jpg]

Patagonia Chile

[Image: 589407.jpg]

Mount Roraima Venezuela

[Image: roraima-north-large.jpg]

Leavenworth Washington

[Image: leavenworth-christmas-eve-eve-006.jpg]
Some good desktop wallpapers. Huacachina may have circa 120 people -- surely that's only the full-time residents.
That moon in the Mont St. Michel picture looks out of place.

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