Brits must eat less meat for their health & planet's, says NFS (UK community)

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EXCERPTS: The U.K.'s meat consumption has to fall by 30% in the next decade to reach targets related to health and climate change, according to a newly released independent review by the country's National Food Strategy.

Commissioned by the government in 2019, the National Food Strategy is the first food strategy for England in 75 years. Among the proposals put forward to foster the country’s positive changes within the food system, the report recommends shift in land use and management, trade rules and meat consumption.

[...] The G20’s Food Sustainability Index (FSI), published earlier this month, measures the sustainability of food systems around three main pillars ( food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture and nutritional challenges) The U.K. scored 68/100, nowhere near the top of the ranking among the G20 nations.

According to the findings of the report poor diets and eating habits contribute to around 64,000 deaths every year in England alone and cost the economy an estimated £74 billion. [...] Overconsumption of red and processed meats was found as the most risky produce to both human health and the environment...

[...] The report calls on the government to commit to a package of reforms in order to limit the adverse impact of current agricultural and farming practises on the environment. The 30% meat cut by by 2032 proposal is joined by the proposition of sugar and salt tax reforms to curb further health impact of such ingredients on the population... (MORE - details)

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