Florida officials stop attempt to register deceased voters (walking dead style)

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Florida officials stop attempt to register dead people in Broward County

EXCERPTS: Florida elections and law enforcement officials detected a scheme that sought to register dozens of dead people to vote in Broward County, though the motive is not clear, according to the county elections office. [...] The majority of the people named in the applications -- who were listed as Democrats -- were verified to be deceased and no votes were cast under their names, said Broward County elections spokesman Steven Vancore.

Vancore said that Florida allows people to register to vote by mail but he said the county receives state data about people who have died and marks those individuals in its files as ineligible to vote. Florida requires a valid government ID to actually show up and vote, so Vancore said this scheme "only got half the equation" necessary to vote. "Somebody went to great pains to exploit the system and it was caught," said Vancore. "We don't know if this person did this for pure chicanery or they were trying to alter the outcome of the election ... but there appears to be no attempt that this person voted."

The South Florida Sun Sentinel was first to report the applications... (MORE - details)

Man In Joe Biden Ad Claiming To Be Struggling Small Business Owner Is Actually Wealthy ‘Angel Investor’

INTRO: Last Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign released an ad featuring a Michigan bar own claiming “a lot of restaurants and bars that have been mainstays for years” will go out of business unless Biden is elected.

The man, Joe Malcoun, claims the bar he co-owns, the Blind Pig, is struggling due to President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response. But as the Washington Free Beacon reported, Malcoun is actually a “wealthy tech investor whose startup was seeded by a large family inheritance.”

Further, it’s unlikely that Malcoun would lose his livelihood due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2018, the Free Beacon reported, Malcoun was interviewed on a local NBC affiliate called Click on Detroit. In the interview, Malcoun explains how he received a large inheritance from his wife’s grandfather nearly a decade ago, an inheritance he said was “almost like winning the lottery.” He used that money to become a prominent “angel investor” in Michigan... (MORE)
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My one time volunteer stint at the ballot booth was to make sure my candidate wasn’t getting screwed over by someone ineligible to vote, although an ineligible voter may have helped our cause. Surprised to find many people trying to vote for deceased people who were on the list. Whether it was intentional or not I couldn’t say. That’s just one polling station so no telling how many dead voters actually get a vote tabulated if it’s not caught.
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Both examples of Democrat lies and corruption. You were saying, Leigha?
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Syne, I’m not pro-Democrat or pro-Republican (although either side has policies I agree with but I’m not labeling myself either), and it’s not surprising to see people cheating the system.

I’m pleased to see that those ballots were caught! It concerns me if this isn’t an outlying situation and other states don’t catch invalid ballots. Sad
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(Nov 2, 2020 10:12 PM)Leigha Wrote: Syne, I’m not pro-Democrat or pro-Republican (although either side has policies I agree...

And that's the problem. The side of good couldn't be any more stark. At least if you're not buying lies from the MSM.

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