In My Youth, USA Was #1

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Growing up on the other side of the 49th as a kid I was in awe of the USA. Here we were, little Canada, thanking our lucky stars to have them as neighbours. WTF has happened since to change it? 

What made me as a kid think the USA was great? Was it their military might?  Something to do with it, but for me technology was their strength, especially when it came to outer space.. Nothing was more riveting than watching the American space program develop on television. No one other than the Russkies were even close, and even they fell behind. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo had the world's attention. The Space Shuttle was another leap, the world was fascinated by it all. The world practically stopped when Armstrong set foot on lunar surface. One of those moments I remember where I was. 

I think what the Americans need now is to either get back on the Moon or be the first to put a manned mission on Mars. Need some other reason to be front page news other than politics. I've gone from being in awe to thinking of America as a joke, laughing stock of the world. Does USA need to regain some of that lost respect or start flexing their muscles? Personally I hope space exploration returns to the old days.
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The USA is still #1. Sadly, the bulk of the mainstream media is intent on convincing everyone, foreigner and citizen included, how bad the US is because it's somehow, unbeknownst to everybody, been bad the entire time. They'd have you believe that your awe of the US was your own ignorance. And even a recent movie about the moon landing tried to play it off as a world accomplishment, instead of a US accomplishment. But don't worry, Trump is intent on getting another man, and the first woman, on the moon, with sights on a permanent moon presence.

But the US military might is what backs up three historic Middle East peace treaties. Those alone should be enough to know the US is still #1. And foreigners are so invested in US news and politics because what happens in the US affects the whole world. Few countries can say that to the same extent.

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