Controversy: Genuinely creepy or vigilante mob over-reaction?

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In terms of conspiracy paranoia, could it even be a social-media trolling stunt by the industry itself to draw more attention to the clothing line? Is drawing negative attention still profitable attention?

The cute POV: Fashion Nova debuts new kid’s clothing line, “NovaKIDS”

INTRO: Fashion Nova is definitely taking over the fashion scene when it comes to the latest trends and affordability. On September 27, Fashion Nova launched their kid’s collection, “NovaKIDS.” The brand is bringing the cutest, comfiest, and trendiest kids’ clothes to date... (MORE)

The warped POV: Parents slam Fashion Nova’s clothing range for 3-year-olds as ‘creepy’

RELEASE: Parents have slammed a fashion label for selling 'creepy' clothes that 'sexualise' children. Fashion Nova has been blasted for selling suggestive items to kids as young as 3 years old, including skimpy dresses, leather trousers and backless dresses. The pieces are designed to match adult versions available on the site. The Nova Kids line was launched late last month but has garnered controversy for the way in which its child models pose in a grown-up manner.

Social media users slammed some of the images from the LA-based fashion label for being 'creepy and gross'. What do you think about the outfits? (MORE)

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Over the last three or four decades, perhaps child models existing at all in the clothing industry has become a sensitive issue that was missing during the '70s, '60s and '50s. When mail order catalogs routinely featured such juvenile and preschool careers in Sears, Montgomery Ward, JCPenny, etc.

But back then there weren't helicopter parents, tolerance or approval of underage/teenage sex (at least until the 1960s), and wall-to-wall reporting and awareness of pervasive child abuse and pedophiliac menaces. As well as arguably a scarcer degree of marketing pushing the limit in its portrayal of children.

If it was today, Walter Brennan would have been banished or maybe even arrested for telling dirty jokes to 9 or 10 year old Natalie Woods and two other boy actors on the set of The Green Promise, during the waiting, off-camera interludes. (From a phone interview of Ted Donaldson[?] back in the 1980s: "Did you cover your ears?" ... "No, we just laughed.")

That film also had an accident occur that probably contributed to Woods' fear of water.
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No, that definitely looks like pedo fodder or maybe even grooming those child models. Most companies have the good sense to show children dressed and behaving as children.

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