Colin Kaepernick blasts newly woke NFL, calls league’s social justice "propaganda"

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EXCERPT: The NFL announced earlier this year that in the wake of massive anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests that took place in nearly every major city following the death of George Floyd, who died in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, they would set a weekly social justice priority, embrace Black Lives Matter slogans, and encourage its players to take part in demonstrations, service projects, and social justice-focused initiatives.

The NFL also committed to playing “Lift Every Voice,” the “black national anthem” before some games during opening week. None of that matters, Kaepernick said Sunday, if Reid, his former teammate and vocal supporter, remains “blacklisted.”

“While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid for fighting for the Black community. Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league,” Kaepernick tweeted just as many of the NFL’s Sunday games were kicking off... (MORE - details)

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Cynical Sindee: Yes, but what's new about that with regard to the overall entertainment/recreation industry? This pretentiousness of the football league would actually be turning a large percentage of NFL viewers off if it was a non-pandemic season. But they're so desperate for sedentary sports watching that they'll put up with any commercialist, self-serving moral posturing for now.

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