Quavo tells fans to stop drinking Hennessy: 'They don’t f**k wit us' (liquor trends)

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EXCERPTS: Quavo ... the Migos rapper took to Twitter where he urged his fans to stop drinking Hennessy because the brand doesn't fully respect the culture he and his followers are from. However, Quavo didn't fully release them from cognac captivity. Instead, the Migo urged them to switch to Martell for their dark liquor selections. [...] some people believe that Hennessy isn't fully committed to Black people ... As a result, they have turned to alternatives like Hov and Memphis Bleek's D'Usse. And now, Quavo is trying to turn them on to Martell's Blue Swift brand of cognac, which he appears to have a partnership with... (MORE - details)

Cynical Sindee: "...partnership with." IOW, yet another instance of recruiting the Church of Woke con for personal or narrower elite group self-interests, with respect to manipulating a larger population that the political swindle and its background conspiracy framework has been engineered for.

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