5 types of cat owners (survey data) + Breast cancer link to hair dye? (data project)

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Large study finds link between hair dye & a certain type of breast cancer

EXCERPTS: A new large population study looks to clarify the theorized connection between hair dye and cancer. The study found no link between ever using hair dye and an increased risk of most types of cancer in women. However, it did find a possible relationship between hair dye and certain forms of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and the most common kind of skin cancer -- links that “warrant further investigation.”

The study, published in the BMJ this week, looked at data from another research project, called the Nurses’ Health Study. That study has kept track of volunteers’ health and lifestyle habits since 1976, with questionnaires sent out and returned every two or four years. More than 120,000 women between the ages of 30 to 55 were initially enrolled.

[...] The results of this new study agree with other research showing no link between hair dye and many types of cancer, including a 1994 study using the same group of women that ruled out a hair dye link to leukemia and related blood cancers. But it also lines up with recent research tying breast cancer, specifically, to hair dye use. That includes a government-led study last December that found such a link, which was even greater for Black women in particular... (MORE - details)

There are five types of cat owners, according to science

EXCERPT: The research, which was published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, is based on domestic feline predation of wild animals. If you’re a cat owner who keeps your animals inside at all times, you don’t really fall into any category at all. Your cats eat from a dish and don’t chase down birds in their spare time and that’s perfectly okay, but you’re just not part of this study.

For those who allow their cats to be “indoor/outdoor” or strictly outdoor animals, the issue of what animals your pet is hunting is a serious one. You might not think that the occasional bird or chipmunk that winds up dead on your doorstep is having an impact on the environment, but consider the sheer number of domestic cats doing the same thing.

As the researchers note, any given cat doesn’t kill many other animals. They catch a bird or mouse or lizard here and there and that’s about it. Multiply that number by an estimated 10 million pet cats and you start to see where things can get out of hand.

Based on the results of a survey of cat owners in the UK, cat owners fall into one of these five groups:
  • Conscientious caretakers: Pet owners who feel responsible for animals their pets kill.
  • Concerned protectors: Cat owners who are more worried about their cats being hurt while hunting than anything else.
  • Laissez-faire landlords: Individuals who don’t monitor their cats’ hunting habits and don’t really care either way.
  • Tolerant guardians: Dislike the fact that their cats hunt, but don’t do anything to stop it.
  • Freedom defenders: Those who believe that even pet cats have a right to hunt and kill prey as though they were wild. (MORE - details)

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