Running on the Coquitlam Trail in British Columbia (Hiking hobbies, sports exercise)

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WARNING TO THE VIEWER/LISTENER: Unlike its title, the deficient in awareness/sensitivity news video below did not (in its internal narrative) avoid a color adjective with respect to the common name of Ursus americanus. The uttered usage of which could be psychologically hurtful to population groups in THIS PARTICULAR SITUATIONAL CONTEXT. In addition, the careless association could infect developing minds and re-infect freshly rehabilitated offenders with unjust, socially corrosive stereotyping and damaging thought orientations. Remember, comrades, when speaking always adhere to the protocol of Party parlance.

Caught on camera: Bear touches runner in misconduct act, violates social distancing
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Perhaps this will put things in perspective. Not only is the poor thing forced to eat garbage and given an offensive name but it is shot and killed by authorities for just minding its own business. I understand the right to bear arms so perhaps there should be the right to arm bears....rioting later.

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