Does Gen-Z regard victimhood as a status symbol & "cool" to both mimic or be such?

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TikTok Holocaust trend 'hurtful and offensive,' says Auschwitz museum (TikTok hobbies)

EXCERPTS: The Auschwitz Memorial has criticized a trend on TikTok in which young people portray themselves as victims of the Holocaust, saying the videos can be "hurtful and offensive." The museum tweeted a statement on Wednesday responding to the videos shared on the Chinese-owned app, in which some users wear striped uniforms like those of concentration camp prisoners, or Star of David armbands that Jews were forced to use under the Nazis.

[...] The museum attached a longer statement to the tweet which sets out a nuanced critique of the role of social media in remembering the Holocaust. While some of the videos were created by TikTok users in order to be part of a trend rather than to commemorate victims, others seem to be a way of expressing personal memory, the statement said. "We have to be very careful in this discussion because the language used — also very often in social media — seems to carry lots of emotions, sometimes very strong," reads the statement, which again warns against "vilifying" those involved in the trend. Social media is "part of our everyday lives and communication," the statement continued, but respect should be given to victims.

"Educators should work with young people to present the facts and stories but also teach and discuss how to commemorate in a meaningful and respectful way." (MORE - details)

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Comments from CYNICAL SINDEE, that most misanthropic of alter-egos, agitators, and psychological conspiracy concocters:

Generation Z is exposed to a continual onslaught every day in the news and social media of people receiving attention and being celebrated -- even occasionally downright revered -- purely for qualifying as a victim of something and sharing their feelings about it, including being a rehabilitated or recovered _X_. [If the incident(s) weren't of the sort that either killed or traumatized the individual speechless.]

Youth craves pity to begin with. Is adding belated "rewards" to being mistreated -- whether truth or fabrication -- like tossing water on burning magnesium? (Operant Conditioning - To Reward or Punish?)

Additionally, this kind of standard for achievement does require a supply of bullies and higher-category fiends to facilitate it (and to secure careers for those profiting from parading victims to the public and the politicians/leaders promising to remedy all levels of abuse). Which is to say, if idealistic crusaders with questionable motives did miraculously eliminate the old-fashioned transgressors, they would then have to cognitively discern, define, and elevate a new class of behaviors as "mistreatment" (i.e., grant average folk who weren't aware that they were wholly despicable creatures the gift of enlightenment that they were indeed such).

Judging from the article above, the globally scattered management overseeing the exponentially expanding Adult Daycare trend in societal engineering doesn't seem to have a clue as to the deeper origin of the particular behavior above (with respect to those "yutes" where it is not a bizarre method of supposedly commemorating Holocaust victims.)
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Considering they recently went from "if you say All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter, you're against all black people" to "if you don't do our fist raised salute, you're against all black people", it's plainly evident that they will elevate a lack of action (the sacrament of raising a fist) to the level of offense and "complicit bullying" necessary to perpetuate their righteous victimhood. Where they once claimed words were violence, to justify their own violence, now they will claim lack of express support is violence, again justifying their own looting, rioting, violence, and killing. This is exactly how fascists and authoritarians inevitably end up putting dissenters up against the wall and executing them. The worse their actions the more desperate they become to find anything at all to justify them. Even complete fiction.

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