Dangers of chemical imbalance theory of depression + Immunity slowing down pandemic?

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The dangers of the chemical imbalance theory of depression

SUMMARY POINTS: A study at Harvard's McLean Hospital claims that using the language of chemical imbalances worsens patient outcomes. Though psychiatry has largely abandoned DSM categories, professor Joseph E Davis writes that the field continues to strive for a "brain-based diagnostic system." Chemical explanations of mental health appear to benefit pharmaceutical companies far more than patients. (MORE)

Population immunity is slowing down the pandemic in parts of the US

INTRO: The large number of people already infected with the coronavirus in the US has begun to act as a brake on the spread of the disease in hard-hit states. Millions of US residents have been infected by the virus that causes covid-19, and at least 160,000 are dead. One effect is that the pool of susceptible individuals has been depleted in many areas. After infection, it’s believed, people become immune (at least for months), so they don’t transmit the virus to others. This slows the pandemic down.

“I believe the substantial epidemics in Arizona, Florida and Texas will leave enough immunity to assist in keeping COVID-19 controlled,” Trevor Bedford, a pandemic analyst at the University of Washington, said on Friday, in a series of tweets. “However, this level of immunity is not compatible with a full return to societal behavior as existed before the pandemic.”

The exact extent to which acquired immunity is slowing the rate of transmission is unknown, but major questions like school reopening and air travel may eventually hinge on the answer. What is known is that after rising at an alarming pace starting in May, new cases of covid-19 in Sun Belt states like Florida have started to fall. Some of that may be due to social distancing behavior, but rising rates of immunity are also a factor, according to Youyang Gu, a computer scientist whose Covid-19 Projections is among 34 pandemic models tracked by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Immunity may play a significant part in the regions that are declining,” says Gu. At least until the fall, which is how far his models look forward, he says, “I don’t think there is going to be another spike” of infections in southern states... (MORE)
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Considering the long-existing evidence that materialist beliefs are detrimental to a whole host of human behaviors, it's no surprise that telling people that they are slaves to chemicals they can barely manage with pharmaceuticals would be as well. Dismissing human agency does away with the best tool available in treating mental problems. Aside from the fact that there's never been any evidence that chemical imbalances are causative.

I just read that the average age of Covid deaths is the same as the average US life expectancy. And the CDC codes Covid deaths as "death with Covid", rather than "death from Covid". History is likely going to show the damage done by people being duped and panicked exceeds that of the actual Chinese virus.

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