NASA is worried that Boeing’s Starliner isn’t safe


EXCERPTS: When NASA first selected both Boeing and SpaceX to lead development on new crewed spacecraft as part of its Commercial Crew program, some saw SpaceX as the wild card. Boeing, a longtime NASA contractor, was expected to finish its Starliner spacecraft well in advance of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. That was what some assumed, at least. The reality has been much different.

[...] An independent NASA analysis of the Starliner program returned a whole bunch of problems that needed to be solved. The report included dozens of “recommendations” that NASA wanted to see addressed before Boeing attempted another launch. As SpaceflightNow reports, NASA remains skeptical and perhaps a bit concerned that Boeing can actually get things right in a timely manner.

[...] Because of the issues with the first uncrewed flight test of Starliner, Boeing will now be forced to retry that mission again before NASA will allow its astronauts to set foot inside the spacecraft. If the uncrewed flight test goes well, the first crewed mission will include a trio of astronauts on a trip to the International Space Station. After that, the spacecraft will have to safely return to Earth before NASA will be able to certify it for regular use.

Speaking of which, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is about to embark on the very last part of its final test mission by carrying astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley back to Earth. Once it makes that trip, NASA will be able to use the Crew Dragon whenever it wants, sending humans to space from US soil once again... (MORE - details)

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