Mystery seed packets ship to homes. Prof warns: Do not plant them (Marxist terrorism)

Business Insider (excerpt): At least 27 states have reported finding mysterious shipments of seeds from China. The USDA on Tuesday warned people against planting the potentially invasive or harmful specimens. A scientist told The New York Times that in addition to invasive species, the seeds could contain pathogens or insects. [...] The agency also said the packages were likely a "brushing scam," in which consumers are sent packages and a company then forges positive reviews of the products. ... But they could also quickly become an ecological disaster. (MORE - details)

New York Times (excerpt): Officials in at least 27 states [...] have issued statements in recent days, noting that residents had reported receiving packages of seeds in the mail that they had not ordered. Based on photos, the seeds appear to have been mailed in white pouches displaying Chinese lettering and the words “China Post,” though photos released by the Ohio Department of Agriculture show that seeds have also been sent in yellow envelopes. Some of the packages were labeled to say they contained jewelry, according to the Kansas Department of Agriculture. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry reported that some of the packages were labeled to say they contained earbuds or toys... (MORE - details)
One Twitter user reports..

wing wednesday
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I planted them. I watered them. I cared for them. I brewed their azure leaves into a bitter tea and drank it. I am more than a man now. My 5th eye is open. My second heart beats to the ancient rhythm.

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