Have we finally found evidence for a parallel universe?

EARLIER, VIRAL NEWS STORY (TechTimes): NASA Scientists Might Have Found a Parallel Universe 'Next to Ours' After an Antarctica Experiment - "With that, the simplest [...] explanation is linked to the parallel universe, wherein when the Big Bang happened, two universes were formed and that the other world runs in reverse. In this mirror world, time runs backward."

Have we finally found evidence for a parallel universe?

EXCERPT: For some of us, the idea of parallel Universes spark our wildest dreams. [...] we've never yet discovered an interaction that demands the existence of something beyond our own, isolated Universe to explain. Unless, of course, you've read the headlines that came out this week, reporting that scientists in Antarctica have discovered evidence for the existence of parallel Universes. If this were true, it would be absolutely revolutionary. [...] So what was the remarkable evidence that demonstrates the existence of a parallel Universe? What observation or measurement was made that brought us to this remarkable and unexpected conclusion?

The ANITA (ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna) experiment — a balloon-borne experiment that's sensitive to radio waves — detected radio waves of a particular set of energies and directions coming from beneath the Antarctic ice. [...] In both theory and in practice, we have all sorts of cosmic particles traveling through space, including the ghostly neutrino. These neutrinos also come in a variety of energies [...] Some of these neutrinos will pass through the Earth almost completely, only interacting with the final layers of Earth's crust (or ice), where they can produce a signal that our detectors are sensitive to.

The rare events that ANITA saw were consistent with a neutrino coming up through the Earth and producing radio waves, but at energies that should be so high that passing through the Earth uninhibited should not be possible. How many events like this did they see? Three. Did they have to come through the Earth? No. The first two could have been normal air-shower tau neutrinos (one of the three types of neutrino allowed), while the third was probably just part of the experimental background.

In fact, there's an extraordinary piece of evidence that disfavors them coming through the Earth: the IceCube neutrino detector exists, and if high-energy tau neutrinos are regularly passing through the Earth (and the Antarctic ice), IceCube would have definitively seen a signal. And, quite unambiguously, they have not. Scientifically, this means that:

• ANITA saw radio signals that it could not explain,
• their leading hypothesis was that high-energy tau neutrinos are traveling upwards through the Earth,
• and that hypothesis was refuted by IceCube observations,
• teaching us there is no astrophysical point source out there that is creating the particles that ANITA is indirectly seeing.

So where, in all of this, do the parallel Universes come in? Because there were only three explanations for what ANITA saw: either there was an astrophysical source for these particles, there's a flaw in their detector or their interpretation of the detector data, or something very exotic, remarkable, and beyond the Standard Model (known as CPT violation) is happening. Some very good science ruled out the first option (back in January), which means it's almost certainly the second option. The third? Well, if our Universe cannot violate CPT, maybe this comes from a parallel Universe where CPT is reversed: an explanation that's as unlikely as it is poorly reasoned.

Remember: in science, we must always rule out all the conventional explanations that don't involve new physics before we resort to a game-breaking explanation. Over the past decade, a number of remarkable claims have been made that have disintegrated upon further investigation. [...] There's a remarkable story here that's all about good science. ... something is amiss with the first experiment, and more science will help us uncover what's truly occurring. For now, based on the scientific evidence we have, parallel Universes will have to remain a science fiction dream... (MORE - details)

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