COVID19: Food accidents waiting to happen

No this isn't a piece on how unsanitary preparation or the the impact on farm worker numbers.

This is really about dealing with the sudden problems of food sourcing and literally using whatever you have in your cupboard to fill your stomach. That means in some instances you'll find that some ingredients will be missing, you'll have to switch things out and find some things that are worth sharing with others on route. (In fact in the long scope of things warfare and outbreaks actually increase ingenuity as people look towards survivalistic ways to work around the current problems/dilemmas.)

For instance I had one left over Potato and a Swede (Swedish Turnip/ Rutabaga). I decided I would have mashed potato with some vegan sausages I'd purchased, with a couple of left over carrots and a piece of celery that was rubbery enough to tie in knots.

I cut the potato into chunks (with skin) and peeled and cut the swede into chunks and put it into the saucepan, I added two peeled carrots (I didn't chop them any further) and the piece of rubbery celery I cut into three pieces and also put into the pan. I then added water and brought to boil. At boil I reduced it to simmer and added a number of herbs. (Basil, Parsley and Thyme). Once the potato and swede were soft (and the carrot still had some substance to it). I drained off the liquids and put the carrot and celery on the plate as is. The remaining potato, swede and herb mix I mashed and then put on the plate. (While doing all this I fried the sausages).

What I learnt (The Accident that happened) was that boiling the carrot in the pan with the swede and potato allowed some of the sweet sugary juices of the carrot to escape into the potato. It actually made the mash tastier than I've had before (along with the additional herbs). So I suppose you can say I'm suggesting if you intend to cook mashed potato to boil a carrot with it and add herbs to the potato as it's cooking to give it extra flavour.
I suspect that back in the past, lots of our recipes originated that way. (kitchen chemistry)

People were just going with what they had in their larder, and some combinations worked good and others didn't.

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