Feral animals invading deserted cities (videos & images)

Today's publicized incident: Wild cougar wanders empty streets of Chile's capital

INTRO: A wild cougar made its way to the Chilean capital and spent about 15 hours wandering the city's empty streets before being captured by police and veterinary specialists. Authorities said the puma was first spotted in the city of Santiago around dawn Tuesday and investigators quickly confirmed that it was a wild animal, and not an escapee from the Metropolitan Zoo. (MORE)

Wandering turkey gives police the slip in Calgary

RELEASE: A beloved neighborhood turkey in Calgary, Alberta, wandered far from its usual territory and was caught on camera giving police the slip. The bird dubbed the Ramsay turkey, or Turk, has been hanging around the Ramsay neighborhood since May 2019, but police said Turk went for a stroll during the weekend, leading to multiple 911 calls Saturday about a turkey loose in the Beltline area. Witness Chase Skakun captured video of an unsuccessful attempt by three police officers to wrangle Turk into a patrol vehicle.

Constable Chris Martin said officers were worried the turkey could wander into traffic or get too close to the nearby railroad tracks. "They thought what they would do is they try to catch him and just bring him back to Ramsay where there's less of a traffic hazard," Martin told CBC News. "A couple efforts were made to try to catch him and get him into a police vehicle ... but he's pretty quick."

Martin said police consulted with Fish and Wildlife officials and eventually decided to leave Turk alone. "Our theory is because everything is shut down because of COVID-19 and there's less traffic and fewer people out, it's less intimidating for him, so we're just going to let him do his thing," Martin told the Calgary Herald.

Martin tweeted an update Sunday. "Turk has wandered over to Manuel Latruwe Bakery, doing his best to support local businesses," Martin wrote. "He is definitely new in the Beltline, but he has not escaped from the zoo & there is no need to call us about him; at this time, there is nothing we can do." ... RELATED: Wild turkey gains celebrity status in Calgary neighbourhood

Wild goats take over deserted Welsh town during coronavius lockdown

RELEASE: A herd of wild goats has taken over a town centre on lockdown in northern Wales, making the most of their visit to eat hedges and flowers from gardens. The Kashmiri goats, who normally spend their time on the heights of Great Orme, roamed around a deserted Llandudno, destroying everything in their path. "You don’t normally see the goats this far down,” said Llandudno resident Andrew Stuart. “They can come down and get to the bottom of the Great Orme and do so regularly - but I think people and cars usually stop them going much further.” Conwy Council said there was nothing they could do to stop goats wandering into the town.

UPI: ... a herd of more than 100 goats is taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown by overrunning their neighborhoods and eating their plants. ... A North Wales Police spokeswoman said authorities believe the goats will eventually leave town on their own and officers will not be responding to non-emergency calls about the animal trespassers. (alternate video)


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