Covid-19: A field day for scams & misinformation


INTRO (Harriet Hall): Our world has been disrupted due to legitimate fears about Covid-19. People are afraid, and unscrupulous and/or misinformed people have been quick to exploit those fears. The FTC has offered advice for consumers to help them avoid coronavirus scammers. On March 19 they published Part 2, and the FTC and FDA have sent out warning letters to these companies:

• Vital Silver
• Aromatherapy Ltd.
• N-ergetics
• GuruNanda, LLC
• Vivify Holistic Clinic
• Herbal Amy LLC
• The Jim Bakker Show

They solicit complaints from customers, and this page has an Alert button with a link to facilitate complaints relating to Covid-19.

Stephen Barrett’s Consumer Health Digest #20-10 lists lawsuits filed against Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, and others for marketing fraudulent products claimed to prevent or cure the disease. It also lists commentaries about Covid-19 misinformation and quackery. That list features my article on how alternative medicine has exploited coronavirus fears. Another commentary from the Science-Based Medicine blog is Jann Bellamy’s article on chiropractors who falsely claim they can protect patients from the virus.

I was proud to see that my article headed the list, appearing on February 4, a month before the rest. In it, I addressed...

• Bogus claims from homeopathy,
• A siddha medicine herbal mixture that offers to cure coronavirus in 24 to 40 hours,
• Q-Anon’s promotion of MMS,
• China’s top health body’s claims for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),
• Simply Health’s 14 natural treatments,
• The Herbal Prepper Academy’s list of herbs and essential oils,
• Cara Health’s advice about immune-boosting herbs,
• The Indian government’s recommendations for homeopathic arsenic,

And I mentioned that there were many more... (MORE)
Quote:The Indian government’s recommendations for homeopathic arsenic,

Will definitely kill the virus, along with you too.

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