Supercomputer finds 77 drugs that could halt coronavirus spread


SUMMARY POINTS: The ultra-powerful IBM supercomputer Summit has identified 77 compounds that could help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. These compounds could be used to develop treatments and vaccines that would halt the spread of the virus and prevent further infections. With dozens of possible options, each of these drugs will have to be tested to see how effective they are in a real-world scenario.

Scientists have enlisted the help of a supercomputer to fight back against the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus. Researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory just published the results of a project in which they tasked the massive IBM supercomputer known as Summit with finding the most effective existing drugs that could combat COVID-19.

The paper, which was published in the journal ChemRxiv, focuses on the method the virus uses to bind to cells. Like other viruses, the novel coronavirus uses a spike protein to inject cells. Using Summit with an algorithm to investigate which drugs could bind to the protein and prevent the virus from doing its duty, the researchers now have a list of 77 drugs that show promise... (MORE - details)

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