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It's a secret airline unofficially known as "Janet", from the radio call sign its airliners sometimes use. Nobody knows its real name, or even if it has one. It seems to be based at a small invitation-only guarded private terminal at Las Vegas International Airport sometimes called the "Gold Coast". The airline flies Boeing 737's that have no markings except an FAA civilian registration number. The 737's all have the same simple red and white color scheme. There are also some smaller turboprop airliners with a blue and white color scheme. Looking up the planes' owner in the FAA database reveals that they are owned by the US Air Force, but apparently flown by a private contractor.

Janet airliner departing Vegas

[Image: 1024px-%28EG_%26_G%29_N288DP_Boeing_737-...676%29.jpg]

[Image: 1024px-%28EG_%26_G%29_N288DP_Boeing_737-...676%29.jpg]

Who are the passengers on Janet? A bunch or ordinary looking people in casual civilian clothes. Perhaps a few look like this

The 'Janet' flights depart Vegas using callsigns like 'Janet 201'. Then they are handed off to military controllers at nearby Nellis Air Force Base. The planes stop using the 'Janet' callsigns and switch to new callsigns.  Then this controller hands them off to another controller in the huge Restricted Area to the north. Then the planes just kind of... disappear. From the radio at least.

What destinations does Janet fly to? Among other destinations, it's known is that Janet conducts several nonstop flights a day to and from Area 51! All of Janet's destinations are secret bases or other aerospace engineering operations. It flies daily nonstops to the Tonopah Test Range. It also flies to destinations like the Naval Air Weapons Center at China Lake and Edwards Air Force Base. Plus less frequent flights to many other places. And connecting flights between all these places as necessary. Vegas is the airline's hub.


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