Wine drinking and Type 2 Diabetes

"Wine drinkers with type 2 diabetes need to watch what they eat and drink. However, evidence continues to show that they can enjoy wine. Several studies have found that moderate amounts of wine can actually improve diabetes patients' health. A new study offers interesting evidence as to why.

Lead researcher Jinhua Ye and several colleagues at the Cardiovascular Department of Tongde Hospital in Zhejiang Provence, China, conducted a meta analysis of nine studies that best fit their criteria and dug deep into the data. The results were published in the journal Medicine.

They found that diabetes patients can definitely benefit from moderate wine consumption, specifically because wine was linked with lower blood pressure and lower total cholesterol levels."Moderate wine consumption among [type 2 diabetes mellitus] patients could reduce the level of diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol," the authors wrote. Total cholesterol levels and blood pressure were found to have significantly decreased in the day following wine consumption and over a course of two years.

However, other risk factors for diabetes, such as general glucose levels in the blood, were not shown to be affected. And, as this study was a retroactive meta analysis, the researchers could not select for a controlled patient group, so the subjects varied widely in age, consumption levels and other factors.

The researchers hope to conduct more studies on the topic. "Further investigation, including more longer intervention [trials] and more homogeneity of participants are needed to affirm the efficacy and safety of wine intake and its association with the risk of cardiovascular diseases among type 2 diabetes [sufferers].""

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