Married men could become Catholic priests + Satan & Kanye West + Jewish news

The Church of Satan respond to Kanye West: Following the release of Kanye West’s long-awaited new album, Jesus Is King on Friday the world has been rippling with the chatter about the record. It has divided his fans and critics with everyone seemingly having a view on West’s new religious-direction. [...] In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, the rapper said he’s “in complete service to God”. He went on to say that he nearly quit rapping for good, saying that Hip-Hop was “the Devil’s music...” It’s a set of circumstances which has seen social media rife with critique. The Church of Satan have now become the next in line to offer some words n the record. “Satan is the best friend Kanye has ever had, as he will keep him in business all these years!” tweeted the Church’s official account...

Married men could become Catholic priests in a landmark proposal which would shift a nearly 1,000-year-old restriction on the pracitce. A meeting at the Vatican decided that bishops in remote areas of South America could be allowed to be wed and also be priests. The decision could lead to a landmark change in the Church's centuries-old discipline of celibacy. [...] Pope Francis will consider it, along with many others on issues including the environment and the role of women, in a future document of his own. ... His approval would mean that remote areas of the Amazon would become a de facto experiment for the future of the Catholic Church. ... There is a shortage of priests in the region the proposal suggests with this move seen as a potential solution...

The Catholic church fired a straight woman for her support of the queer community: A straight employee of a Catholic high school says she was fired for publicly supporting two guidance counsellors who lost their jobs for being gay. Two lesbian guidance counsellors at Roncalli High School in Indianapolis were told their contracts would not be renewed because they were married to women. The school, which is run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, insists that staff must live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Now, straight social worker Kelley Fisher will also lose her job of 15 years, and she says it’s because she publicly supported her former colleagues...

Belgian parade’s Jewish float ruled unintentionally antisemitic: The Belgian state’s watchdog on racism has come out with its verdict on a parade float from earlier this year that was slammed as antisemitic: It was antisemitic, but its creators were not intentionally racist. The report released ... by the Inter-Federal Equal Opportunities Center, or UNIA, recommends clearing the Aalst float creators of criminal responsibility while calling for the creators and their critics to show “more empathy.” It comes amid concern among local Jews about what they see as the mainstreaming of antisemitism in Belgian society...

How many Jews live in the U.S.? That depends on how you define ‘Jewish.’: . . . Like most things in Judaism, there’s disagreement. [...] As a result, estimates of how many Jews live in the United States vary widely. In 2013, the Pew Research Center released a study of the U.S. Jewish population and created a tool to estimate the size its size based on various definitions. For example, if you define Jews only by those who practice the religion, Pew counted 4.2 million adult Jewish Americans or 1.8 percent of the total U.S. adult population. The estimated population would grow by 1.2 million if you include people of no religion who consider themselves Jewish in a cultural or secular way and have at least one Jewish parent. There are another 1.3 million children being raised at least partially Jewish and living in households with at least one Jewish adult. Totaling those groups, you reach 6.7 million Jews of all ages in the U.S. in 2013. That’s more than the population lost in the Holocaust. But depending how you define the population and who is making the estimate, you could reach a different conclusion...

Bedouin mass eviction – Israel to drive Palestinians off their historic lands: Last week 36,000 Bedouin – all of them Israeli citizens – discovered that their state is about to make them refugees in their own country, driving them into holding camps. These Israelis, it seems, are the wrong kind. Their treatment has painful echoes of the past. In 1948, 750,000 Palestinians were expelled by the Israeli army outside the borders of the newly declared Jewish state established on their homeland – what the Palestinians call their Nakba, or catastrophe. Israel is regularly criticised for its belligerent occupation, its relentless expansion of illegal settlements on Palestinian land and its repeated and savage military attacks, especially on Gaza. On rare occasions, analysts also notice Israel’s systematic discrimination against the 1.8 million Palestinians whose ancestors survived the Nakba and live inside Israel, ostensibly as citizens. But each of these abuses is dealt with in isolation, as though unrelated, rather than as different facets of an overarching project. A pattern is discernible, one driven by an ideology that dehumanises Palestinians everywhere Israel encounters them. That ideology has a name. Zionism...
Palestine was never a country, and treating it as such is an excuse for modern anti-Semitism...which is exactly what all the neighboring Muslim countries, who won't take in Palestinians, want. For one, no Muslim country would allow Jewish citizens, with equal rights to hold political office, etc.. So complaining about the treatment of Muslim Israeli citizens is worse than hypocritical. And such Jewish population in a Muslim country would have long since been completely extinguished. Between relocation (not even internment) and genocide, it's clear who the good guys are in the region.

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